This  Fellowship  was established  with  the  following  three  visions , aims  and objectives :-

 1.  This Fellowship  shall be called Great Commission Of  Christ.  Fellowship   International  ( Soul   Winners )

 2  The Emblem  or  Logo for this Fellowship  is :-Bible open  to  the  world . 

 3. This  Fellowship  is  Non -Denominational  , Non-Profit  and Non-Governmental     Organization .


1.   The First Vision:

 1. The vision of this Fellowship is to promote an effective evangelistic drive for every  Christian to know his or her Great Commission and encourage Church unity among church members through the establish  of Church in their Communities.

2. To kill the spirit of denominational ism which has buried the concept with which Jesus Christ build his Church ( Mathew 16:18 )

 3. To create awareness in the members, that every Church House is a base for Evangelism and thus, be busy evangelizing and propagating the Gospel. If the Gospel is to be effectively shared with other people all around, then church House must become a base for Evangelism activities . This pertained in the early New –Testament Church ( Act 5: 42 ) .

 4. To Follow the pattern of the master reaper Jesus was always conscious of harvest time , always ready to seize the opportunity DURING HIS EARTHLY MINISTRY, He referred to the ripened harvest and need for reapers to work in the fields . He was the master reaper and calls for other reapers to join him in HARVEST FIELDS (Luke 10: 2 .)

5. To remove Religious Confusion , such as false Gospel which Paul clearly stated as problem in the Galatians Church when he wrote , I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another Gospel , but there are some that trouble you and would pervert the Gospel of Christ ( Galatians 1:6-7 ) .

6. This Fellowship/Ministry  was founded by Rev. Evangelist Samuel Kweku Ackom. The vision was given to me by God or Jesus in the year 1989 , that as you are Christian what is your call  for: that I answered and said is to win the lost souls to you Jesus , that was how the GREAT COMMISSION was founded.

7. Great Commission Of Christ Fellowship  International ( Soul Winners ) as a Fellowship/Ministry   would work in concert with all Churches , Ghana Evangelical Committee , AD 2000 Global Evangelical Movement and all Christian Organization  in the  world.  

 8. The Fellowship/Ministry  also have a vision to offer services to Ministry :-Building Leadership Training , Literature Distribution , Self – Programmer for Christian , also for the youth , Prisoners , Street Children , Disabled , Orphans , Train Christians in Evangelism that is the Great Commission , from pastors ,elders ,members to the one who have accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal savior  and  also been  baptized .     

9. The Fellowship/Ministry  will sponsor International Evangelical Seminars, Crusade, International Tourism in Ghana and outside Ghana 

10. The Fellowship/Ministry will  welcome Church or individuals who want to  partner ,sponsor or donate to us  from Ghana or outside Ghana for us to do the work of our Lord Jesus. 11. This Fellowship  has members who are from diffident denomination working  with us , so all Christian’s are welcome .

2.  The  Second  Vision   

1.   In the Fellowship/Ministry  an outreach called " Ackom  Evangelical Training Institution  , the vision of this outreach is to train Christians who went to do the work , which Jesus has commissioned all Christian to do  on their own free will , because Jesus said "The harvest is large, but there are few workers to gather it in. (Matthew 9 :37 ).

 2    Train Christians to win the lost soul for Christ .

 3   Train Christians to do  missionary work all over  the  world.

3    The Third Vision:

 In the Fellowship/Ministry  a " FOUNDATION " is been formed to assist Christians and non- Christian who need helped. The name of the foundation is: Ackom  Save Souls Foundation

 1. Ackom  Save Souls Foundation , it is Non-Profit , Non-Governmental Organization and helps people get Grant . The foundation will seek  grants. in  U.S.A.grant and outside  U.S.A. to assist in Health ,Education , Religion , Agricultural , Social Service , Small-Scale Industry and Technology. And it is a relief, also going to give relief to the people like Prisoners , Street Children , Disabled , Orphans , etc .

 2.   Ackom  Save Souls Foundation shall welcome Church or individuals who went to be in partnership with us in  U.S.A. or outside  U.S.A.for us to Save Souls.


                                    THE    FELLOWSHIP   WELCOME

      CHURCHS    -        ORGANIZATIONS    -      INDIVIDUAL 



                 FOR  US  TO  JOIN  TOGETHER AND  DO  THE                      WORK  OF  OUR  LORD  JESUS   CHRIST AS  HE  HAS                               COMMISSION        US TO  DO  AS  : 


                "  FISHERS  OF  MEN  OR  SOUL  WINNERS  "


           The Founder  Of  This Fellowship  / Outreach / Foundation


           Rev. Evangelist Samuel  Kweku  Ackom

                          (  President / International Evangelist )


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